Упражнения на артикли в английском

Как разобраться в артиклях? Конечно, практикуясь! Попробуйте наши бесплатные упражнения на артикли в английском.

Базовый уровень

Тест 1

This is a salad that you can serve in the summertime. Cut an apple, an orange, and a banana into small pieces. Drain a can of pineapple pieces. Chop (some) walnuts. Mix the fruit and the nuts in a large bowl. Whip (some) cream with an electric mixer. Spread the cream over the fruit.

Средний уровень

Тест 2

While I was walking along the road the other day, I suddenly noticed a small brown leather wallet lying on the pavement. There was nothing inside it except some change and an old photograph — a picture of a woman and a young girl who liked like the woman’s daughter. I put the photo back and took the wallet to the police station.

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