Упражнения на английские предлоги

Хотите попрактиковаться в использовании английских предлогов? Попробуйте наши упражнения на английские предлоги для разных уровней!

Базовый уровень

Тест 1

Упражнения на английские предлоги | Учим английский по-умному

I was born in Chicago, Illinois on the 3rd of June in 1984. I now live in France. Every summer, usually in June, I go home to visit my family in the States. I mostly spend time at home with my parents having a chat. In the evening, I often catch up with my friends or go over to someone’s house. After a couple of weeks, I always look forward to going back to France. My life is there now.

Средний уровень

Тест 2

Tom entered the station shortly after 5 o’clock in the afternoon. This is a bad time to travel to London, both by bus and train because crowds of people go home from work at this hour. Tube was packed tight with people.

Тест 3

Portsmouth is a town in England. It is in the south of England, and it is on the coast. Off the coast, near Portsmouth, there is an island called the Isle of Wight. It’s famous for watersports. We like to stay in St.Helen’s, which is in the east of the island.

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